01 August 2012

This hits me .

 When we run after this world - this dunya- be it people, respect or anything, we always come back broken, disappointed and crushed.
And we learn all over again that this world is nothing. It's just glitter. We learn it. Only to forget it again. 
We run after this world again and once again come back heartbroken. The cycle goes on.

The wise is the one who learns it the first time and does not repeat his mistake. He knows this world is a mirage; keep running after it and you'll never capture it. This world is just a passing enjoyment. It is a place of hunger, fear and tears. It gets cold here. So cold sometimes.
It is a place where you have to worry and feel scared. Where you have to lose your loved ones. Where you cannot get attached to anyone because even if you do, it'll hurt in the end. This is not a place of ease. Here exists hardships because they must. This is DUNYA my brothers and sisters.
So after all, is not Jannah *the* place? That place where you can really have all you could possibly ever desire? Where there exists happiness ever after, for real.
So this wise person realizes this reality. And so he finds rest and comfort not in running after this dunya but rather in the dhikr of Allah. This is where he finds solace. This is where he finds happiness. He wants ease and forever comfort and he knows it exists, he's just not foolish enough to look for it on the wrong side of death.

So let that fresh scar, be it physical or emotional, that you received from running after this dunya, remind you that you are weak and you need Allah. That you bleed and hurt and so you need to flee to Allah. That happiness just does not stay with you in this world and that you need the aakhirah.

Run after this world, you'll lose both this world and the aakhirah. Run after the hereafter, you'll get both. 

Choose now .

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