28 August 2012

Tell me if this is normal .

Alhamdulillahhh , alonk is now the wife of Zaim Zainal Abidin ! Hye Abang longg ! Welcome to the family ! :)

Okey this is what happened . I was crying like hell even before the akad being read . Amagaaaaddd T_T , Alonk herself didnt cry yet . I knew this would happened to me . Well , like i told you at the previous post , the thought of Alonk's relationship with us as siblings wont be the same again what makes me cried :'( . aaaaaa i was being too clingy i guess , ottoke ? She is my sister ! ahaha .

Then the ceremony ended , And they are at home for 2 days .

So heres the thing : Is it normal to feel awkward having someone that u used to see them as stranger then , now they are living in the same house with youu @.@ . AWKWARDDDDD .

HAHAHAAHA , yang paling taleh blah , when alonk is in the house but i feel like its hard to reach her T_T . Ottoke ? Aigoooo . Apalahh aku ni .Ofcourseeee , mestilah she will be with her hubby alllthetimee. Omaigod i sounds so creepy ! :O .

So is this normal ? heheh . Maybe i need time to adapt to this .I guess .

These days i feel like crying but i couldnt  . I feel the need to talk to somebody . and suddenly , KA called . Ya Allahh :') , I felt so loved <3 br="br" nbsp="nbsp">

"Cry as much as you can when making du'aa, pour your heart out. 
When you'll get up, you'll feel as if your anxiety left you with the flowing tears.
A believer is stronger after making du'aa "

I think , now i can get back up again. For now i feel so hungrayhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ! Ya Allahhhhh :/

p/s : Oda ng Fayadh gave a great news just now . They are getting married ! Alhamdulillahh :') . The first couple from our batch ! Weeeee . May Allah ease everything , ameeennnnn :)

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sweetcherrypie said...

alhamdulillah and congrats to ur along..hee ko pn maslin..congrats dpt abg long dh..hehe =)