11 August 2012

The Iftar with Selayang People :')

First :
With the Selayang People from my School , Sepintar .
Bell , Asilah , NISA ! :)

  Second :
With Selayang People from UIA
Khairul Amira Md Zain ! :)

Nampak benor ngeditnye . Sucinyee KA~~~ Awww Hihihi

Ohhh . Hye KA ! The only selayang people i know from my course ( eh theres TOIN ! Wait his Gombak) hehehe:D . So i brought her to Prima Sri Gombak , The Bamboo Thai restaurant. Glad she liked it :) . Hihih .So we updated bout each others' life , girls' talk as always as well as the heart thinggy . But this time it is more to our plan for future . Omaigosh she was like reading my mind ! Thats what ive been thinking these past few days ! Great mind think alike hey ? :) Wohhh . I shouldd be working on my 25 things before i turned out 25 years actually . Well you know , its like a plan. Yes , A real-serious life plan. We need to do something with our lives now . Getting out from the comfort zone and started to create our own destiny  Jyeahh ! The lists are coming up ! Behold my readers ! hehehhehhe . But one thing for sure , JOGGING wil be included in the list . Right , KA ? Now we need more determination than any other time , Yeahh ! Muahahhaha. Im so excited ! Im jumping right here and there heheheehhe hyeperbola -.-. I need to start type it before i lose it again - the enthusiasm . On your mark , Get set , GO !\O/

Kita hanya merancang , dan Allah juga merancang . 

Namun perancangan Allah lah sebaik2 nya .

 Tapi Kita juga harus berusaha dan berdoa :)

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Kay Amira Zain said...

Baru baca la blog kau. Haha. Sorry kiteww busy cikit. Hahaha.

InshaAllah my Allah ease our plan. Amin :)