27 July 2012

Mustangs Season 2.

It has been a week after MASUM now .

Subhanallah . It was my 2nd Masum but stil ,a great experience though. Gonna highlight what i learnt this year .

I learnt ;

1. There were some dramas happened , Since Kak Linda having their practical . Well i was being appointed as the Co- captain .But then , theres THE SUPERSENIOR. And ohmygosh she is REALLY giving me a very hardtime ! theres interest conflict now . Ahaa . While the coach always have something to do , which left me no choice to conduct the team . Instead SHE acted she had to . Its not i dont want to stand up what soever . But deep in my heart , i knew she had some issues with me since lastyear . And i dontknow what the hell is that . PAdahal aku tak kacau hidup kau pun ZzZzzZ . Now , with the absence of The captain, naek kepala!  Grrr.Yolahh amek lahh . Sebbaek dah nak grad tahun depan . Hihihi *gelak kecil*. Nevertheless , she challenged my leadership skill by doing that . Situasi paling mencabar kredibiliti akuu. This is seriously a real life situation . Gaaahaha . I never hold back what im gonna say regardless who you are back in Kuantan fyi . But this is different . I really cant be myself. I Cant express my feelings . and it shows in my performance on court . So new experience to me. THIS is one small thing that bugging me.

2.Then , of course , The COACH . As usual , we question his rationality of his method of training since we got only a month left . Perghhhh . Untill the moment of the match pun , the drama still there . Gaaaahaha.

3. For the 1st time in my life , i doubt my passion . I was questioning myslef why on earth i put up with all of these hurdles just to be able to participate in Masum ? Why is it so important for me to be a part of it . At this breaking point , i must say is the most crucial part in my life . I even reconsidering whether or not to come back next year . oh that would be another stories ,  But for this , alhamdulillah , i found my way .

4. I learnt that it is not easy to go out of your comfort zone . Well , the only reason you feel uncomfortable with your position now is , you know there are other people who is better than you , yet you have no courage to challenge yourself to be better . The courage , it is not easy i tell you . 

5. Since my schedule of training everyday would be Morning and Night only , i decided to get back home between the time so i can help my mom with the chores. For that , Aiman , my cousin is hired to pick and send me back to Uia . And this is when i get closer to him . We talked and discussed about recent issues . Since we are in a same age , i guess the not-so-long-journey-but-everyday is so worth it and great ! I got so many perspectives . and the way he thinks changed some of mine i supposed. Oh btw , he is just like My brother , he is among of the leader people can look up to in his community of UTM . You know how much i adore leaderssss right ? hehe. Thankyou for everything Man ! He is the one who listens all of these dramas and craps going , and guess what ? That actually helped and cleared my head a bit . Thankyouuu very muchhhh cuzzie ! You really owe me big time ! :')

Okey our results are as below :

Uia vs UTM - Win
Uia vs USM - Lose

-managed to go to Quarter Final
Uia vs Uitm - Lose [ with just 5 balls and it haunted me like forever ! Gaaaaaaahaha ! @.@ ]

Resolution :

1. With UTM , i was so blurry . I dont know why .  I wasnt frealed out or nervous or what soever. I just... yeah , ..blur . all of my attempts are subjected to failure , even the freethrows ! -.-. Wuwwuw. Alhamdulillahh , i scored the last point which make us the winner with onepoint difference . I know the coach  is proud having me in the team,l Mueheehehe :D

2. With USM. all of the players need to have this some kind of minsdset where : Whatever the coach asked us to do , IMPROVISE IT when needed . Because we are the one who is in the court , NOT HIM . So USE YOUR BRAIN . Perghhh , siap kena marah kot dengan Farha tgh2 court . Muehehheeh . My bad farha my baaaadddddd .

3. With Uitm . I heard from Conde before of the most tragic part of a lost is when it is hauntinggg you . All the passes , all the shoots that out , all the decisions you made ; would be playing in your mind . You would have like ' i should do this'  'Damn i could have done that !' ' Omg , i should have try harder to IN the ball! " - these kind of thoughts . I couldnt feel him at that time . But after this match with Uitm , everything he said came back to me . For dayssss i cant get it out of my head T_T . "IF ONLY I TRIED HARDER" " IF ONLY I STAYED LONGER" "IF ONLY" . Yeahhhh , i know we cant regret things , but hey , thats what happened and it just happened . Thinking that we are already in Quarter Final for the 1st time for  Mustangs Sister is my biggest motivation. like 'If we win against uitm , we are in SEMI FINALS - for the 1st time ever !' Which we didnt. In fact , if we managed to win, we will be meeting UPM , Goddes of basketball for females. Like coach said , maybe this is not our time yet . Even Uitm kene belasah dgn Upm , if it were us? I dont know , Lagi dasat kot kene belasah . Hehehhheeheh . Biasalah , sedapkan hati . Still , i agree with you coach . Maybe this is not our time yet , Just Maybe....

4. So , i guess the real resolution is . Less drama . More tactical . More friendly match and more more more Playing with the team  itself . Thats all .  Thats what we are all lacking. Experiences.  For some of us like K.Linda Eily and Kawthar , They know howwww to Improvise . The rest , nope. So thats why we need more playing time . It could trigger chemistry and create habitual reaction . i Just realized that the moment we are in the court for the match is soooo different . We have this fire in ourselves but , we feel restricted . We wanna do so many things , but we are limited by our skills .  So depressing . To me . Haha :D As basketball is a habitual sports , i guess , playing time need to be lengthen as to nurture the courage to get used to our new skills . Teeeheee . Mandai2 je aku ngulas . Haha .

5. Soooo , thats it Iium Mustangs . Thanks for everything . Thanks for the memories . I myself not sure if i would come back nextyear since im having my practical training. However , UIA is the next tuan rumah , would be a waste if im not joining righttt ? Gaaaahaha ! .

Now , if you guys could excuse me , i need to do my individual training . Need to strengthen my basics! Apparently , my basics is sooooooooo ........ hehehe , paham2 sendiri . Its okay , theres always next year !

Thanks for reading .
Assalamm :)

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yana said...

cherish the moments, drama, hardship, blood, sweat and tears. cherish the team work, the friendship, every ball u score, every fake u did, every good pass. cherish being a leader. cherish being followed. cherish being a team. sbb maslin oi.. i have been trying for 3 years. n x ada rezeki lagi. but u have all the opportunity. u n mustangs. u r right. kurgkn drama. after all, we are just girls who share the same passion. basketball. so patutnya we enjoy doing what we do. never give up but always remember that some people are not as blessed as u so play ur hardest! see u insyAllah next year :)