05 July 2012

In Between #6

Assalamualaikum .

This post is nothing but the continuation of my "down-ness" LAtely .

Eventually , we had our friendly match with the Integom. We won . BUT the play ? Sucks !

Gaahaha. I didnt perform well . Not as well as how coach wants . Emmm.

PAdan muka sapa suh tido dan makan nasi beberapa minit before Match ! ZzZzZ .

So its the night for him to  announce the players list .

I was like this close to feel so sure i didnt make it to the team until he called my name . THE LAST NAME.

Alhamdulillah . Astaghfirullahhhh .

1st . Like seriously coach ?! BEcause you said yourself YOU DONT WANNA PICK ME . So, whats this?

2nd. Thankyou coach . Emmm. Yeah , i should . You have this haaardd timeee of choosing .
3rd. I pity Zalik and Fit . A bit of shame also . BEcause i knowwwww that they are waaayy better than me. So it came back to the 1st one . Whyy mee COachhhh ? ! Emmmm.

WHY IM ACTING LIKE THIS ?! You would ask right ?

Because suddenly i doubt my passion . I question the reason of all thissssss . Why i wanna put up with all of these hard training that make me all sick /ache ? Why im sacrificing my holidays just for this ? Why oh why ? Too many Why;s.

As im doubting what i hold for , i thnik its better to give to someone that deserve more . Like Zalik and Fit .

But then again :

Im not quitting . Im just being realistic of what im capable of .

Ya Allahh tolonglahh dakuuu  .

Its Nisfu Syaaban . Selamat berpuasa sunat ! :)


sweetcherrypie said...

alhamdulillah congratz dear! grab what you have now. learn from mistakes. insyaAllah, u'll do better next time. hee..chaiyok!

yana said...

hey hey hey.. drama nampak..dont be too hard on yourself.. players ada harinye.. like remember when u helped me buat free shot aritu lgsg x masuk bola aku?give it time, mayb u need rest. sbb even kwn laki2 ak pn ada masanye rasa bsn dgn bsktball ni. pdhl dorg hebat gila..
abt the selection, ada reason coach buat mcm tuh..jgn amek hati sgt dy ckp ape.. dy kn mmg cmtu.. u secured a place for masum.it's ur haq and u worked for ur place there kn? use it wisely. train ur hardest and leave the rest to Allah. remember, scoring and strength, brain and physical strength comes form Allah.

be strong kimia. nk jumpa kau ni kt johor. kt satu grouping :)

max*bubble said...

Thakyouuuu Unaaa ! Loveyoumoreeee ! :)

Kak Yanaaa ! Thankyouuu ! I needdd thiss ! I need some words from someoene who knows how it felt like . Iloveyouuuuuuu :*