10 November 2012



So, this sem we take EAW subject that requires us to do research and survey and questionnaires yadayadayada homaaaai lecehh ! Hhehehe

My topic was about sports ( Oh yeahhhh typical me !) but one day i read Zie's questionnaires and her topic was the same with moi ! Then i was influenced by it and i felt my creativity is fading . THIS .IS . NOT. GOOD. So i decided to change my topic to Reading Habit and thats the best decision iv ever made. 

I mean , i like reading . Eventho i looked like someone who doesnt read much as i always involved in pysical activities  . Not many knows that i enjoy reading books as much as i enjoy sleeping :) . Especially books that have high  complexity of texts . The moment i understood what have being said , it felt sooooo satisfying , and ironically , soothing and calming :') . I always have this some kind of tranquility whenever i read a masterpiece with great literacy ( sastera ) :D . 

Thing is , i always lack of time to have my own moment to read . I even read a book that acquird  me 12 months to be finished ! Just because i was so busy . But i have this problem sorted out :D

Okay , so i made a research . The feeling is soo good . I just found out that statistics bout reading . 

Malaysian reads 2 books per year , While USA 5 , Japan 10 and Canada 17 books per year ! 

and many interesting arguments and quotes . Actually , doing something that deviate us alilbit from Science streams is fun eventho sometimes it is soo lecehh.. It satisfies our creative spots . Hehehhe .

"Reading can be learned only because of the brain’s plastic design,"...and when reading takes place, that individual brain is forever changed, both physiologically and intellectually" - Proust and Squid

Reading requires learning.In other words, reading takes effort. It is hard work. But it builds our brain muscles. The effort to inculcate a reading habit pays off handsomely, either directly or indirectly, in our lives.:)

Complex text:Its a text that go beyond a few words n text that contain more complex ideas that require a little more thought n comprehension

"Reading is to mind what exercise is to body".

It adds new sight to eyes and new wisdom to mind "A dumb person becomes a communicator n a lame climbs mountains of knowledge through reading

Book fair organiser Datuk Ivan Hoe was once quoted as saying "they forget that books are intellectual food".

Words can do things which images and sound can’t: 

they can take us deep into a character’s mind, delight us with cunning wordplay, and deliver a much deeper, richer story than is possible in an hour-long episode of your favourite show :)

In conclusion , i suggest to those who is going to take EAW to pick a topic that feels close to you as a person .Then , you can enjoy doing it :) eventho  I am a sportman . But i have my soft side too . Plus , i actually want people to see me not as somebody in sports only , but also in other field . Despite iknow , sports is my biggest strength :). Well then , Goodluck my friends and all the best to me too ! 

P/s : Una did Community service while Fuza did GMO , kot (?) Hehehe . Well then , this week is time to rest and restabilize ourselfff ! \O/

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