20 November 2012

Interbatch Games 2012

Alhamdulillah , my laaast programme as Sciencess Exco of SnR has ended successfully :') With the great commitees line-up , i honestly feel proud of them . Eventho there are one or two of them that still need to learn ,but i think i would just cut them some slack . Well , some people do need time right ? :)

So i guess , finally i feel soooo satisfied because this time , i know every flow that happened compared to Ukhuwwah Day where i was just a supervisor . By being a PC , i learnt and acknowledge things that i like to ignore before like the budget as stuffs . Never before in my life i will let myself to get through hardships thinking on money matters and budgets . But , this PC thinggy had made me one . Alhamdulillah for that . AT LAST . i always knew that was my weakness . Now , Not anymore :) . im able to understand whenever the FC present bout the budget :D

I feel glad that i picked them as my commitees .With the PM , Thaqif Othman and APM , Amira Yusoff , plus PC : Ghafar, Shafiq and Kak Hazi , nothing can explain how blessed i feel right now . The most amazing beaureau is Pubpro , Idlan and Paim :) I was so impressed on how they were so cekap doing their work besides the awesome poster design made by Idlan :)) . Sometimes , i just feel grateful with my character who  dare to take risk and like to try new things and get to know new people . This , had get me to explore the beauty of people around me , and the other way around as well . Anyhow , i was always excited to meet new character :D . I feel so touched looking at Hazwan doing his work diligently inspite he is now in senior year same with Ghafar . I mean,being a supersenior doenst mean he can bully his junior , and he doesnt take that for granted . i am moved . :') . The Welfare team , Anis Syazana's who is willing to learn more about FirstAidKit skill just for the sake of Emergency cases that ought to happen . Ohmyyy :') Yeah , ofcourse The commited Kak Ety and the Prep tech team who is there to bare with our requests . Thankyou thankyou thankyou all of you . I myself cant say how thankful and  proud i am to see  new faces and being able to work with you guys as a commitee :') I also see this as a way to get to know my already closed friend more deeply than before , like kak mira and also Paim , my junior teammates .

Well , the moment this event had finished , theres a feeling flowing inside of me . A sadness . A mourn . A taste of gloominess . I dont know . Maybe because Me and Ghafar is going to step down in just few days :'( . Ohhhh my . I dont know how to explain this either . Just .... Sad ._. .

There were so much memories in this . And i really love each one of them . And yes , Bro Remy , the ex -exco SnR came on Sunday . I felt appreciated :') .and he said congrats , because this event is much more merrier than IKG . Alhamdulillahhh  Thankyou Abg Remy :') I really hope all Sciencess Students enjoyed this so much :3

The shortcomings , Should i tell this here too  ? Okey , maybe a lil bit .

1) Theres a lateness in briefing the PC and Refs , so theres a lil miscommunication .
2) I always late . Need to change this :(
3) The attitude . I always believed , that real sportmanship means playing fair and square , and whatever happened in the court , stays in there . Yeah .

Thats enough  i think . Hehe

Now , next issue : Election .

Should i compete for the next tenure ? Should i should i  should i ?

Im actually having Post - event depression HAHAHAHA . Rindu Ibg !!! :'(

And now , i feel so numb . DOnt know what to do . Macam dah tade arah tuju , MasyaAllah Maslin . Wake up ! Get your feet back to realityyyyyyyyyyyyy .

Well , that has always been my problem . Typical me .

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