18 August 2011

#itsGDday . Day 17 .

GDragon :3



Gdragon , aka , Kwon Jiyong

The most genius entertainer , talented musician , 
Stylist Fashionista alived

that I've ever known !

#This might not be the best picture ever , but i have a really hardtime to choose . All his pics are equally gooooood. and this one looks more mature :)

hahaha , who doesnt ? Me love himmm <3

Well , semalam bukan makan kat hotel , tapi kat Tropicana  Resort :)

Day 17 - A picture of somewhere you have been to .

This picture took place in Sabak Bernam , on August , last year . Its actually an event held by PEPIAS in conjunction of Ramadhan . Yeah , this is my family . My foster family . That was the first time ever in my life to join such event . and my participation is so spontaneous. I heard from a friend , and i was volunteering my self to join. And he felt so delightfull to hear that :). I wrote my experience in this entry.

I love being there . Our existence is being taken seriously. 'Mum' is soo funny and sporting ! She even let me to choose the colour for her so-called Saloon . Thats an honour man :') 

eric Max
mum and "brother"
"the saloon"

But we didnt get the chance to finish the work , We just bought the paint and all stuffs . Its because the time limit . Tak sempat :( we only have one whole day :|. all we managed to do is , kemas2 the rumah :D hehehe , It was fun tho . By the way , the place is located at suburb area. and i really like the view. The mosques is soo artistic. The carved are beautiful ! and that mosque authenticate the traditional way of taking ablution using kolah ! :)

Jimi and the broom
Lets get busy !
the mosque
sorry pakcik , im not stalking youu :3
the kolah :)

  Yeah , i would lovee to attend such programme. So i am really looking forward for this kind of event at Kuantan . Heee . There lots and lots of place i didnt go yet . Not on vacation especially. There are place out of Malaysia i wanna go too :)

and whats yours ? ;)

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