05 August 2011

Backup. Day 4 .

Assalam .

I have an advice - Always always ALWAYS have a backup plan . As for me , Always make a backup files. Now , i am suffering from my deleted pics in my laptop due to the reformatting as it undergoes some error. =.="
I am actually a person who manifest a memory thru pictures. Any device that can take pictures would be my victim at that particular time . And most of the time , its my Handphone...and others' phone too. he he he :D.
But now , i lost most of them .:( I am very grateful i uploaded in my fb . So , i can save it back . Yeah  a little luck there. Eventho i have deleted some of it that i considered as "past memories". Dayyum , it is noww a past memories =.= sigh. Well , que sera sera. Guess ,i need to make new memories. Lets together make one ! :)

And the challenge goes....
Day 4 - My favourite photograph of my bestfriend .

Well ,  bestfriend . Please define one ? . haha . As time goes by , things changed . So do people. But we have to move on with our life . I am a person who go naturally with people . I like to make friend , ad befriended. Cause i believe , thers always something u can learn from that person . Okey , but to find someone who will be there for you , when u have a hardship is just a few. It is rather they just couldnt care less , or it was me who dont want them to know. Well , who would tell everyone bout their mishaps right ? ;)

Stilll, as a human being , i cant be excluded to not having someone i can share something with . Even at times , there are certain things they didnt know what ive been going thru , its just enough to have them around me ; being ourselves and enjoying the moment together ;).

Im kinda a person who have many circles , as i am active in sport and club what soever. Theres Highschool,Classmate, Roomate ,basketball , Peers , and lots are coming on their way :)

 Yeah , You know who you are :)


fuzfuz said...

:* ♥

sweetcherrypie said...

like last pic..spe lar yg comeyl sgt dok kt tgh2 tuu~hee

max*bubble said...

eh fuzyyy , are you back ?! :* <3 hee

unaaaa, saya suke jugeee :) <3