26 August 2011

Give me Time

 What does growing up means to you?

More responsbilities ?

More Exposure of life ?

More mature ?

Define it all you want , but age is not the measurement of growing old . Believe me . Its the experience .But  still , its a stigma , where people think that your mind and attitude have to be parallel with the increase of age .

So , how if we doesnt ? Is it bad ? Is it a madness ? NO .

We just need TIME .

People around have to help us . We were once a teenager . Now , no longer . The burdens increasing up . So is , expectation . And walking  into the adult world , is not easy as it seems . We have to do something we never did before . We have to think about things we didnt want to even care for .

No man like to disappoint other people . Especially the closest ones.  And yeah , i do look i dont care , when actually i do . YOU have no Idea , how bad  i am struggling everyday , thinking of what i need to do to please everybody . Nothing is ever enough . Stop that Blabbering .  I dont like it . YES , I HATE IT .

So , please . Just ask me to do anything you think is im capable of . Because , believe it or not. I am losing my way in this interchanging of phase between adolescence and adult . Walk  me out through it .

"Give me one minute , i can be great
Give me one Hour , i am unbeateable " 
- Hannibal Smith , A-team

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Khairull-Dean said...

sabar itu penting.... :D