15 August 2011

Hijab . Day 14 .

Assalam people ! :)

Nowadays , there are so many style in wearing hijabi and make us know names like Hana Tajima , Yunalis Zarai , Maria Elena and so on . These trend has giving a massive opportunity to all hijabis to walk confidently ,as being proud of Muslim's identity . It oozes the aura of coolness and carefree while doing the responsbility of a Muslimah . But , is Hijab all what it takes to cover our aurah ?  Yeah , i admit it . I am not perfect too . and here , i paste the cute and lovely reminder that i got from my frens's blog : Aiman :)

Cooooolioooooo kan ?
Selamat beramaaal :)


sakurasue said...

omaigod.comel gila. *^_^*

max*bubble said...

hahaha , kan kan kan ?
comel jep :)

nuraiman imam supaat said...

haha.best2.sebab dlm belog kau lagi jelas.aku punye errr,apetah,setting kot,mmg klu msukkan pape pun kecik je.hoho.Thanks for sharing again dear!

yana said...