09 August 2011

After you . Day 8 .

Assalam , to you .
You wont be reading this , cause ofcourse , u couldnt care less . Why should you anyway? But i wanna say that , after you , i cant feel the same way about anyone else like i did about you . Its excruciating . Cause if i cant , what does that mean ? I really thought  that i have put this at my back long ago . Well , thats what i thought. but i never really did , i guess . Actually , i tried. EVERY SINGLE TIME. but it just wont work . Things will fall off at the end . Can you do me a favor ? Please dont suddenly pop out in my chat asking how i ve been doing . Seriously , you ae just adding up to my pain . Please dont act like you care . Please let me live . I am just about to endure the pain untill the minute you asked me that . Im better off this way . Yes , please.

*emo* HAHA.kbye.

  Just not yet :)

Day 8 - A picture of your favourite memory

Yeah you got it right . Ofcourse la , my first participation in Masum as Mustangs ! hihi :)

  Well , i know alot of new people !  I am the youngest among them , and i play the role as very manja and kanak2 sister :D hehe , i know , i annoyed them sometimes.but hey , thats the diversities we have to handle right ? We are there together , because of our skills and talent and passion, so put aside the characters , Thats just make the team colourful :)

  This left photo , is kak yana and kak rodhy. I go along very well with them . Kak yana , is a PG like me. her skill is not bad :) but sadly, she is not an IIUM dah. she is now in USM. :(  Eventho like that , she always come play with us in the evening because she was working as a parttimer in a photocopy shop . She even came to our game to suppurt us . In fact , her words calmed me at the ver end of the game and made me score the last point , Thankyouu kak yana ! <3 We actually quite have a chemistry playing together :) hihi . And the first time i met her , i got that feeling. Ecewaah ;) and kak yana , u do look familiar to meeeee , I dontknowww ~ :p
Kak rody is the oldest , for me .She is veryy maturedd. haha , maybe Thats why she can put up with my childish act. She listened to all the blabbering came out from my mouth. haha ! Thanx kak rody , i really appreciate that :') , If ade jodoh, kite maen lagi ye sesame. Ohh ,seoul garden ! :) Mmmuahhx !

Tun, my coach is actually the first person i wanted to say thanks , as he believed me and put me and the team :), He even put my ranking after Farha , the fanciest PG i ever met :) Thats an honour actually :') . Yes , i lost my confidence at first , but thanks to Kak nina and Kak eily who be able to trigger mine , i really cant thankyou guys enough :D
Kak Jiah , thankyou for the First way to this opportunity . Shes the one who ask me to trying out the selection. YEah , i would never thought i could represent my university,  i mean to the highest level of my involvement in basketball. Ecewahh :p. Kak Linda is the one who has my highest respect . She controls the group , even the coach ! Wohhh , I adore her for her enthusiasm , determination and charisma . I think , i have something i learnt from you. And that would be enough for my another 3 more years , insyaAllah .

Other than the girls , i also adding up my colleagues from foreign country . Whats the best thing about them is , they can speak French ! Now i feel sooooo geramm cause cant really speak that lingo =.= " Just a bit , Un peu. pftt, Nevermind , atleast , i know a little .And i can relate to them :)
Oh and theres also , aazad , who loveee to ajak us lepak2 and tgok wayang :) wee . And he is so brotherly bear ! the most curious thing about him is, he likes to read people. Scaryy takk ? kikiki , But well ,thats just adding up the fun to be in this team.

 Yeah , well , Masum has ended now . I guess i would only use all the experiences to invent a new mE ! with improvement and more patiece and passion :) All in all , this is the best memories i ever had , for now:) I do The things i love , at times where everyone is sitting lazy at home enjoying their holidaysss . Yey ! Beware Mustangs , im gonna bring a new whole bunch of members next season . And my eyes is all set to the winning ! Thanx for the memories IIUM MUSTANGS 2011 <3

Jaa !

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