24 August 2011

Cameron Mitchell

Assalam people ,

Have you watched The Glee project ?

Yeah, only those who has Astro could watch this . But whattheheck , nowadays , everything is in our hands . Just google it and u can watch ! hee .

The glee project is a competition ,which Ryan (the Gleee's producer )is going to select A person for the next role in the GLEE series .So , in Malaysia , this programme now is in its 4th episode . But if u watch it in Youtube , you can watch the whole episodes . Well , itoldyah.

And The one who captivated my heart is Cameron Mitchell !

Cameron Mitchell

He was awesomeee ! Can you see the geeky nerdy character he brings ? That is Epic ! His voice also , not to mention , also among the best . Its the kind that could give you goosebumps when you heard it :) . He almost get expelled , in episode 2 if im not mistaken . But thank God he was saved :')

Ryan said he looks like Paul Smith's Model =__="

Tomorrow's task would gonna be 'Pairability' , which they are going to pair up . Daymmmmmmm ! I was seized by my great curiosity , i cant wait till tomorrow to watch it ! so , i Youtube-ing ! , and and and...... T.T

wuwuwwuwu , JELOUSSSS T,T

Hahahahaha. Gileeee. I mean , he is so coool. And i cant stand , sitting and watching them doing that mushy romantic scene arghhhh ! You are killing me , Cameron :( ,

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwh :')

There was a task , where they have to admit their own weakness-by stating it at a board .(Oh thats the episode when he almost get kicked Out !) . and he was wearing " Misunderstood" signboard . I dont really get  why . He just said that,at his hometown , people always see him the way he is actualy not . im not sure if what was he tring to say is , that those people thought him as Nerdy peson and treat him like he was invisible. Yeah , I totally dont get it. But , what can i sensed was , he is very much can adapt his weakness , and that killed him potential ,-which what they have to do that week , Expressive- according to Zach (choreographer) . *Well ,i think Its just him , who is not used to express his feelings and become emotional .

Cam and Damian is like a bestfriend :)

But the most heartbreaking part while im trolling this tube is , i saw an episode where he resigned from this competition . WHAT CAMERON?! dont leave meeeeeeeeeeee ! I really neeed youuu on this showw ! He thought Glee is not where he belongs. Oh Poor My Cameron :(

Well , whatever , thats life *tetibe . Whatever happens , i will always love you CAMERON MITCHELL !

Jaa ! :)

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sweetcherrypie said...

falling in love at first sight ke??hahaha..

p/s: nk berebut bley?