22 May 2010

more than words

If ever a day c0mes
and u find a BETTER friend than me
just remember that....

what i gave u..
is the BEST 0f what i have..

what i am t0 y0u..
is the BEST i can 0nly be..

there is th0usands n milli0n friends better than me..
i need my friends t0 kn0w..
I'm s0rry f0r the imperfect pers0n i am..
i'm s0rry f0r the n0t s0 talented pers0n i am..
n0t s0 pleasing t0 be ar0und with..
n0t s0 beautiful t0 l0ok at..
childish act n w0rds..

crave f0r attenti0n by calling in the middle 0f the night..
crying 0n the ph0ne just because 0f stupid little thingy..
n0 v0ice.just ann0ying ph0ne call in the middle 0f the night
mainly because arise pr0blem..
ann0ying face expressi0n..
irritating v0ice t0ne..
immatured decisi0n i've made..
and i'm truly s0rry f0r every single heart i scratched 0r br0ke..
every single tears shed as a result fr0m my w0rds 0r acti0n..

i may l0ok like i d0n't care even the smallest thing ab0ut u..
i may just ign0re u..
n0 replying ph0ne calls..n0 replying sms..
i may irritatted u..
i may make u feel ann0yed by me..
i may make fun 0f u..
i may d0 MANY immatured stuff that i regret my wh0le life..

0h dear friends..
damn..i just am n0t fit and g0od en0ugh t0 be ur friend..
but thnx f0r letting me in f0r 'a m0ment'
a small fragment in 0ur life..

i wish i c0uld tell
h0w much ALL 0f u really meant in my life..
but i simply can't..

cause it is MORE THAN W0RDS..


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max'*bubble said...

haha :)
full with loves~ <3