09 May 2010

this is my first time

viva palestina
this was my first time to attend such event
this idea came after i finished my finalest exam ,computer.
fewh !
what a relieved!
it is saturday and it is only 4.30 pm !
so much time yet theres not so much thing to do
so my ro0mate suggested to go to Viva palestine concert
i was like
"seriously ?"
actually she asked me befor the exam started
then again, i wasnt very sure due to some sort of "sides-plan",well u can say that
but then again,
as u can see, i endup to go there.
yes! the best decision i ever made !
thnx pika! :)
plus,by the time we finished the exam,it was raining already


MM said...

ak pon teringin nak g.. tapi,4 sure,, mak ak xkasi..

max'*bubble said...

some things we dont have to tell
cause it might feel beneficial to us
but not to them as they have sort of u-are-not-an-adult-yet-u-cant-do-this kind of feeling.
as long as it is doesnt langgar syarak n go0d.