10 September 2011

Of Raya Yang Dah Basi .

Assalam People !

Ohh lambatnye updateee ! Walau penat after packing , nak jugak buat ni . Sebab nak masuk U daaa. Wuwu .

Okey , Fast and furious ! :)

On the day of raya , I was wearing this :

Apo ?!

The complete set . Bought it even before Ramadhan ! HAHA . Sebab malas nak pikir . Lagipun tgh bizi Masum . And FYI , those baju raye were selected by Daddy ! Yeyy ! . I feel cool liddat ! 8) hehe . Okey now its shawl . Sebab maen grab je ritu , then , takpasan ade manik2 yang melampau mcm datin kat all over kepala . So , i feel weird gile ! =.=" . And for the first time in history amek Family potret twice !

I like this one the most !
Thats because the 1st one that early in the morning , the lighting and the positions are all wrong . *well u know la theres so many so-called photographer in the house -Tapi still can make this mistakes.Teehee . So, ayah and ummi are the most cool person on earth,cz after raya rumah nenek ,we managed to take another one . Hee. Note my Shawl >.<

Then , Hurried back to Kampung at JB on the evening :)

On the second day  :

This boy had a crush on me :3

We went all the regular house we visited . and to add it up , we went to Ilham's fren too ; Hanim . We just went there last year after we realized her father is our dad's old colleague . What a small world , yeaahhh !

On the third day :

Rewang = gotongroyong masak sendiri-lah

Wakyah (auntie) , has a little favor , to make small kenduri tahlil . By rewang intead of catering , Its just a small one anyway , and we are javanese . Cewaah :D. 

Instead of the behindthescenestory which im not interested to talk about , i rather focus on what had this event did to us . We managed , finally gather all 6 of the families in this home ! :') . Only Kak Eli was left out. But nvm :) Usually , we only get to meet up 2 or 3 families at a time because of each other's errands . But not this year :). Hmm. Anyways , it still not enough . Sekejap sangat . We rarely gather like this , and i  already missed my cousins :( . Till we meet again Cuzzies :')

And we are hoooome ! 

Then on what day -idontrememeber , ummi wanted to make a small family gathering . On the same day where Fatinah asked me to go to Zahidah's house , as she's about to fly to Jordan , furthering Syariah *if im not mistaken.

Goodluck Zahidah ! :')

On the very same day , My schoolmate which lived around here gave me a surprised visits ! All in one day ! :) . Whats better than that ? ;)

And oh well , long before i know it , a week had passed ! Still , so many houses , so many friends not yet to be visited .

and yeahhh , managed to persuade Bell , to go to Awin's ! He he he :D

Due to my crashed lappy , i lost ALL the pics of my life :'( . Thank God , i uploaded in Fb most of it. But , weirdly , i didnt have any of hers . Padahal die bestfriend I kot ! wuwuw :') Tu yg ngengade ng jenab n asilah gi raye umah diee. Even sesat2 , sampaaai jugak ! Hye Awinn :))

 And Asilah;s tooo , with Zakuan :)

And thats what u missed , On GLEE ! . hee . on ME :)

Jaa ! :)

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