02 July 2011

That is that .

Assalam people !
okey basketball season has ended . Where do i get to start ? It was so exciting ! haha. Em , maybe i will start with the achievements first :)
So , as what we all know , Masum this year was held at UPM . We girls team had to face UKM first then UUM. Well ,sadly , we lost to UKM with slightly difference in score .38-42. Sengit gile . We cant widen the gap , because both  teams keep scoring and chasing one another . At the end of it , we lose . On the next day , we met UUM. UKM and them had meet before us . So , we kinda know their setplays and acknowledge their standards. It was a tough match . What we are facing at that time is innerself conflicts. The war within self to feel confident of our play that day . UKM has been beaten by them . And we were bowed down by UKM. That would give UUM a very highconfidence to defeat us . I was a bit shaky , i admit it . However , at the very last minute , i managed to steal the ball and make a layup . And that was the last score for the day.28-55. Yeah, we lose , but we left the court with pride. We know we have try our best . We keep our spirits till the end of the game. In basketball , even if you only have 2minutes , things can turn out so differently . So thats why the need to reserve the fire in self is so important throughtout the game . Me , myself admit that , even if i lost , i dont feel bad at all . Sad , yes , but not as bad as what i felt when i was in highschool. At that time , i was the captain , and i was the worst ! cause i couldnt inspire my teammates as well as myself . People say , even if you lose in the game , Dont lose yourself. After all , its just a game. Somehow i did .:(. okey. cite lame.

Things got better on boys'side . They managed to go through quarter , semi and then final ! woohoo ! When they passed the quarter is already a bless ! cause they met Uitm . Uitm is seriously a great contender . They got 3PGs yang deadly fast . Laju macam lipas kudunggg! warghh , jeles T,T . huhu . But they did it ! Gile bangge ! :8) ade one time tu rase macam African lawan Chinese sebab all 5 tade malay pon. Muahaha. Then mase final , they got 1st runner up , silver medal . emm. Thats satisfying enough if i were them . Lika Azaad said . no proper court , no proper training , problems with coach and they got 2nd place , who is better than that ? :8) alhamdulillah alhamdulillah alhamdulillah . No one ever expect that IIUM can go this far , and then we prove it we actually can ! For the girlsteam , we have next year to prove it ! we only 2years dlm masum ni . We are climbing up our waaay ! their winnings is seriously inspriring :')

Keep the spirits and keep moving forward IIUM MUSTANGS ! :)

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