18 July 2011



Alhamdulillah. At last  i got to meet my highshool bestfriends  :). After weeks since Masum has ended., i just stay at home and do my own business. i Gotta say , i missed those days :') . Meeting frens is what excites me . Well , who doesnt ? hee.  In fact , this is waaay too perfect . because we hang out for 2 days consecutively , which was i never done before . hehe. maybe its because mom realise that we have grown up and possess our own life as 20's . hihi. So , here we gooooo...

saturday :

We went to Amir Rushdi's wedding at club house located at kajang. there were shafiq , me , kuza , jenab and dilla. :)

yeah , it was great! the food was fantastic ! guess what ? i had two plates and it feels like wedding in heaven ! * hyperbola isnt it?* kikiki. well . the greatest part was , we got to meet most of f5-seniors in our f1-years. Means , that we have 4 years gap. and incredibly , they still remember us ! and they recognized me by saying " ohh inilah budak yang lari laju dulu tu ". =.= " . i guess , i just have to take that as a compliment :). Oh , and there was also from qamari's batch. kak dila , fiqzul , kak ida , zainol. hee. the lovebirds :) .and the time was killed just like that when they met . lotsa stories and stuffs that wanted to be shared . men , friendships never fade even if you didnt meet for years :'). Thats it. i think , i ate too much because im in a state of happy . wee. hee . after that , we went to Ou and the Curve to buy HP's ticket for tomorrow morning. Since this hangout is based on Kuza's besday last Thursday :) .and This wedding meddled  ,guess we need to comeout with this sunday movie thinggy ^^

Sunday : Cinema is at 10.45 am ! alonk is coming too! wee. we drove to there. then got message saying kuza cannot be able to follow us sbb kene g kndurii.dayummmm!. How disappointing :( we want to celebrate you la machaaaa ! hahaah.But what done need is done. Dah beli tiket sume.huhu. so , we took the tickets from her at her house , and rushed to curve. suddenly , bell said that she is coming and bell gonna pick her up yeyy ! berjaya pujuk mak letteww :D hehe.

and HP was awesome ! more adrenaline rush :) , eventho we were late for 15 minutes , waiting kuza and bell , still we can catch up with the story. nvm. we will see the downloaded version from Ayah . hehe :D

What's more ? yeah , bell has to go back to Miat early with her fren ,dilla. so there was just  3 of us . jalan2 ,makan at warong penyet , and jalan2 window shopping lagi , waaaaahh , exhausted much ? hoho. managed to buy a long dress, kongsi duet sama alonk; hahah , kuza bought a casing for her lovely-gifted-mp3 . woohooo ! best giloo dpt hadiah mp3 ! nak jugaaaak :< hehe.

Then , we picked am at Uia , then sent kuzha ,finally went back home.And Thats how my refreshing weekend ends.

bye people ! Jaa! :)

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