25 July 2011

Fullhouse .

Assalam people.

Whenever i say or other people say this words , there are 3 things that pop up in my mind . One , whether the house is full of people. Two , its a korean drama series featuring Rain . and Three , the new restaurant at Sunway.
 Well , last Saturday , it was the Third case ! I went to the angelic-korean-design restaurant , Fullhouse located at LG1 , Sunway Piramid . I went there with alonk and Zaim. Psyche!

i heard the food is quite good.After i get the preference from Syaimaa Yunus ,or Mot , i decided to try the
chicken chop there . alonk and me shared the drinks. So , we chose strawberry cream *idontremember the name* but it has these bubbles where coolblog has ! but waaay cooler. the bubbles will pop out when your teeth touch it  , and it just lure in your mouth. wohhhh , sedap gilaaaaaaaaaaa ! ^0^ . And we were like going crazy , ordering anything thats on the list ! *okey hyperbola*. hihi. i ordered this small cake . and alonk even ordered this scrumptious chocolate icecream and cake for dessert . Wohh ! haah batak sebab takselalu buat camni :D hihi.

main meal

 Well , we had really fun while eating . Thanks to Zaim for his dslr . it really made Our day ;) hihi. so , about the place. its kinda cool . there got a little outfit shop at the back  and a small gift store at front . The clothes featured are nice  , and most of it are made in Korea  :'). so much obsession for that country huh ? :D . In fact, they prepare a site where the patrons can take pictures. Haishhh tempting betooool. hihi

Yang paling slack , pakaian arituuuu. arghh. sebab memule bajet nak g pcfair lah. sekali naek kate , dah jalan ,tukar plan. HAHA. adoooooi pegi tempat best pakai seliper jamban =.=" haishhh. sangat turnoff !!!! hoho. emmmmmm takpelah. asalkan tutup yang patut dan selesa :). okey sorry la bagi gambar jeeee. sebab memang seriously tempat tu best ! kikiki . Pastu shopping la the whole day. tah apa tah aku beli. hihi. bende murah jeee haa memang pantang , akan diserbu >.< . banyak gila pulak sale tuu. arghhhh ! @.@ rambang mata aaa cmaneyyyyy. hihi.


 Itu je lah. Next time i pegy nak try burger pulekkk. ataw kalau tgh weekdays , nak makan yang pakej punye . murah!!! :O. well ,lets check the list: Snowflakes- checked. Fullhouse-checked. Seoul Garden- NEXT !

HAHA. .... and since when did im changing to a food freaks? :D

 Jaa !

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