28 January 2011

a question

there' was a boy asking me where did i schooled
i answered him  ,and then he asked again
"eh asal kau tak pakai tudung labuh ?"
i was like...... hah o.0?

okey , here' s the thing .

which one is more important ?
wearing  a complete set of tudung 
wearing a complete set of tudung AND labuh

the way i see it ,
the complete one is important
labuh is a matter of choice :)

Define 'complete'
ah yes ,
covering the chest
covering the hair

But dont get me wrong ,
i am not backlashing
i am admiring the labuh thinngy
and to be honest , i once happened had the desire to wear it

but it just
i know how high the expectation of those people
and i know
i didnt reached that level yet
and with this so-not-grown-up attitude
mannn, ppl wud take me for the wrong reason.
and 'others' would be affected.

oh no , please man .
i dont want to be the blacksheep

Then please dont question that.
sentap sehhhh.

as long as i am wearing this wonderful hijab
that covering me
that sets me free from ajnabi's eyes
that completes me
is actually good and enough i guess ,
niot for you , at least to me

i know the limits
i know the curfews
i know what is in Annur:31

but One day,
who knows i would be 'upgrading' it ?
from good to better
from completing to adding up the value 

who knows  ;)

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