09 January 2011

hby ?

well actually, i hv some kind of ideas that similar to yours.
ppl shouldnt have said that great results are belong to the sciences field only,
and lo0k down upon other fields such as business and arts.
actually , the interests that matter.
i personally think that business field is awesome
and art people is not suck.
i read somewhere that our country has focused the intellects more on the sciences than arts; when actually ppl are more easier to be reached by those mass communication and such,
so if there are no intellects in that field,
imagine how our country is  going to be developed in the next 20 years and the first class mind ?-farr beyond.
in america , those who work in jurnals and entertainment world were highly educated.
thats why they can make a superb articles that can open up the mind of their people.
oprah winfrey might be a go0d example.
somehow , its the perspective that different.
and we can change that. :0

how about you ? what do u have in mind ? :)
*omar shafiq baek kau ckp smthng.


kays said...

post kau sgt matang mcm umur kau ;) heeee ^.^

max'*bubble said...

heyy thanx kay :)
juz a thought of mind. nothing really :D

Omar Shafiq Suhaimi said...

hoi...ape kaetan ngn aku...aku bdk mechanical eng...haha
tp mmg sejak di bangku skolah lagi aku telah kuchiwa dgn selebriti malaysia (termasuk pengacara, hosts etc) yg majoriti xde degree...paling boleh harap pun fazley kot...hahah
sedikit kata pujangga dari Tan Sri Ir. Omar Shafiq:
everybody has their own area of intelligence...its just the matter of getting the appropriate education to nurture those talents

yana said...

dah jupa blog kau.woih.apesal matang sgt?tercabar aku camneh.haha