04 January 2011

Di mana Lelaki ?

ya,  di mana lelaki zaman sekarang ? atau lagi tepat , di mana lelaki dalam universiti aku ney ?
 i dont know whether the same thing ever happened at other places but me, had experienced the same thing wherever i go. - the decreasing number of boys in participating events.

It is really upsetting when u joined any society or club , then , the most abundance creatures are only the girls ! pffft. where the hell are the boys gone ?! This is SO pathetic. The last time i remember, the only signigficant participance of boys are from the seniors. Voila! they were so great !

Dont get me wrong. i am not bragging or anything. but i am expressing my disappointment towards this gender that supposed to be a leader as much as being proposed by our religion Islam. Didnt they see what they could get ? They must have been cursing and throwing tantrum saying that stuffs like being a Program Manager are nothing plus So not cool and those are only wasting their time .

Guys like them NEVER can be taken seriously.

They never care about how to improve themselves and only think how to be COOLest, HOTtest and SEXYiest among the girls and their guyfriends.

blerghhhhh. puhh-leaseeeeee !

do u know what is COOL ?
u are a cool guy when u know how important is leadership skill and soft skills that u join any program and event and be a part of it.
do u know what is HOT ?
u are a hot guy when u are handling big programs and not afraid of what other people might say and think and you just do whatever u want to do. cause u know it will not just help yourself, but other people too.
do u know what is SEXY ?
u are a sexy guy when u are so into your work and being absorbed into another world , giving commitment to something that not many other guys can do. and people adore youu for that .

Thats what's the true meaning of those powerful 3 words (perhaps?)

and i dont know why, its always my batch who have to face this deficiency. DEFICIENCY? oh my goddd ! what a tragedy :| .

its really tiring to see only the seniors have to work their ass off to find their interns cause somehow most of the candidates are disapproving their 'retirement'. come on guys, bile nak maju ?

Kalau kau Melayu dan Islam lagi lah memalukan. Dah lah keadaan dah runcing. Kau pulak tanak amek kesah dan tanak gune peluang yang ada. Memang tak sedar dek untung.

Alahai, ape susa bro ?  Aku pon tak paham :s


MuNirAh said...

very da like~~
haha..btol2..itu fakta zmn skrg~

M Syakirah said...

participance from the seniors??when..??ahaks!~

em sayang,dun blame them 100% k...man only do things when they feel that the things that they r interested in..n things that they thought can relieve themslef from stress..

not all people thing that joing society can make them hepi..n not all of them can relate between society n being future leader...

try to understand them..sumtimes i'm very extraordinary mad with ppl in the 'race' esp when the event has sumthing to do with me~but sayang...but we cant blame them when they think that the event the society have nothing to do with them..we have to show them~kind da tiring job...but wut to do~dun mad at them...pity them~ok?try to understand them~try to find wut kind of things that we can do to have their cooperation..it is not about how many men can join the soceity..but how many of them can do the works???dun worry about the numbers k~there r a lot of men out there..masa je x sampai lg...=)