10 November 2010

keep it.

they say:
just tell. it wont hurt.

i say :
will it wont hurt? i dont believe u.

some say :
just keep it. keep it for now.

they say :
if u keep it. then u will lose him.

i say:
lose him ? oh man ! i'll be sad !

some say :
yeahh, u will be sad :( but u know what ?

i & They say :
what ?

some said :
if u lose him when u keep the feeling , he might not be the one.
u are just not meant to be together.


there will be someone better.
someone who deserves youu :)

Dear God, u know the best
Dear God, surprise me ;)


Anonymous said...

Best gila baca. Thnks kak maslin :)

max'*bubble said...

my pleasure dear :')