02 March 2013

WHY foodtech ?

Salaam people !

Im sure by now you already knew that i m taking Food concentration in Biotechnology instead of Environment and Marine . I must say most of my friends are quite astonished with my choice . Hee . Probably because from their point of view , Food is heavy and requires an intense focus AND IM NOT THAT KIND OF PERSON . most of the time you will see me in Sport attires , jumping here and there ; doing what i do best . Heee. Or probably you will see me at Kos at a time then ME again at Ecm at another time in the same day . The point is , i never stick at one place . I Am all over the place. Muahahah.

 SO they thought i would prone to take marine or environment as these two would make me going out , moving from one place to another for the sampling . Hihihi . Well , Thats the tricky part .

As im a person who already moved back and forth , went back to my room for shower and sleep only I actually like to have a reason for me to stay a little longer than before . An i guess taking Food is the best way :) . It might looks doesnt suit me at all but i actually love to read and anything that requires mind-boggling . Heeeee . i need something to hold me back from moving . Eventho im all over the place and was out the whole day , id love to know that i should go back to my room and sit awhile to do some reading ( as Food is tough yknoww ) hihi . Its actually nice to know that you have a HOME to go back to after you have been to many places .That is where people dont get me :)

Generally , Food is not more difficult than the other two . Its just , Food seems more like it and actually their difficulties are in different form. And i guess id love to do that 'hardest' part with Food :)

Fuzah Una and Me are totally different now . I learnt that sometimes we have to 'leave' our friends a while to chase our dream. They say Absence makes the heart grow fonder btw :')

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