07 March 2013

The Nerves .

Assalamualaikum , hye people ! :)

So this week , my schedules are full with WACKOS thinggy , and im happy !

Last night we had the Grande meeting that gather everyone including the subcoms and guess what ? We total up as 48 ! Wohh what a bigg number ! :D

I was presenting bout the vision and mission n i had nerves crawling under my skin , crazily  ! GULP ! My confidence was shaking a bit HAHAHA . Ramai kot ! Still , my endorphin level exceed the adrenaline :) We ended the meeting with makan2 with the mainboard weeee <3 p="">


Oh yeah , that day me paan and fauwaz met up with Dr Deny , our ever supportive deputy dean ! We met her just to tell her the teaser of our idea  before we gonna present it to our Dean . GULP ! Wohhh ,masa jadi exco pun takpernah cakap straight dengan beliau . What an opportunity ,Thankyou yaAllah!:3

The Dean's meeting room , Gonna present the Wackos Project to him nextweek
 Wish us luck !;)

Next ? Tomorrow , Friday night we gonna have a Pseudo- Picnic , just to make the team more bonded , and our VIP gonna be Bro Zack and Dr. Deny ! Weehooo ! InsyaALlahh  , im getting enthusiastic to do this thing :')

Then , Sunday we will be having our first Cleaning Day with them again :) Memang bak kata Paan : ' Minggu ni minggu WACKOS ! ' 

Okey , today our lab is cancelled , alhamdulillaaahh Tuhan tolong saya nak puasa ganti rini :') , Then Zaidan ajak tengok HKSBP ZON TIMUR which is at the SUKPA ! YEyyy ! Malam ni kita date ng Fuzi pulak , wee :)

Okey okey , SO much things to do ! Chop chop ! Gottago ! Xx

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