24 March 2013

Lama sangat .

Hai . Lama sangat tak update . Hahaha , macam da tade kepentigan , Selalu kalau ada benda trigger baru rasa nk kene update heeee. So lets not waste the time shall we ? :)

1) Alhamdulillahh , we got the Money for the Wackos Project ! \O/


2) Foodtech is going to a fieldtrip to Beryl's and Yakult , Yet , i was stressed with the sudden request of making an article bout Wackos a night before. Alhamdulillahh, i managed to do it  . Uihh penat giloo macam nak nanges , siap kene tahan dgn principal talhah -,-.

3) Went to the Musical Workshop , learnt to play Violin and Guitar . In fact , made a video fr Mom's besdaaayy . Weeee <3 :="" and="" chalat="" keim="" p="" thankyou="">

4) Went to interview Andalusia Travel and Tour Sdn . Bhd for EOP project. Awesome company is awesome ! Later can refer to them to make any vacation trip ! Mueheheheh 

5 ) Make a surpriseeee of Una and Fuza's besday . Alhamdulillahhhh ! We nailed it ! \O/

6) Finallly , Im hommmmmmmeeeeeeeee ! Ohhh a week vacation and 2 weeks of examinations ! Ya Allahh , make me stronggg ! :')

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