10 March 2011


okey . aku rase macam da kedai mesin gambar lak buat cmni. ini adalah rupe2 kami selepas presentation UNGS. islamic woldbiew :) tajuk kami judaism. perghh. mcm perang aa nak buat slide wa cakap lu.
kenapa ? 1st: due hari nak present baru terhegeh2 nak buat =.=".  2nd : surprisingly , judaism banyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak sangat kene baca and research and sadly, we only got two days. 3rd : a secret : i didnt do slide . thats so terrriffffffiic ! :<. cause i was the one who changed the topic from sabar to judaism . i want to know more about this interesting yet manipulating-maniac Jews people. but i cant do much. thats pathetic, i;ll tell u why.

why ?
i've been busy . never thought this day would come. never thought i would be thissss busy . but i am glad i got them who are willing to let me endure with my business. they let me to skip the researching process. awww, terharuu :'). remind me of my schoolhood back then. those who helped whenever i get messy with works and assignment , those are ppl i called-real frens :'). each time the do that , i feel like  i want to give them something for a change of their kindness . tsktsktsk :D
oh lupe ,i was busy wit discussion, meeting , classes ( not that they dun hv class. but its optionaln aku cm alang2) , and tasks, andblablabla. smlm tdo kul 5 smate nak siapkan. pastu nk bgun kul 8 a ? sumpah tipu wehhh.
tapi nok wak gano. keno laaa jugok. itulah kehidupan pelajar :)

but the best part was, the slides. since they had finished doing it with 62 slides. i was thinking it would be better to put some song or effect so the audiences could be captivated thus they will be listening attentively. and i did it :) . atlast , theres something i can do for the group :')

conclusion : i think the presentation works ! i surveyed and aslked evrybody and they likes it ! not that our marks based on popularity or voting-no0o0o0. it s just , it gives some satisfaction and happiness when we got to know that they are amused and liked what we had present :D. weeeeee. eventho there was some technical problems, but ,.. nehhh. all of it worth it , now i am praying that ustazah can give us high marks as credits to our efforts.-not me tho, but them :). and me alil part =.=" hahaha.
okayyy. i am sory 4 da pics. this is just how we celebrate thru cameraass. weeee :))
thanx to 3 of you hey . muahxmuahxmuahx :**

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