12 March 2011

what girls do



but i dont need another drama

i just wanna be good to people , live at my own risk , do everything passionately , enjoy what i like , meet my favourite people and finish the work correctly , unharm. fullstop.

somehow , some people will create this drama . without them noticing .

i think ,  a little tolerance , a bit space of undertanding could avoid this situation.

i too , am sometimes meet these annoying people,

but u know what  i just dont give a damn

there are so much more things to do and to think about.

To make a big deal or small deal , its your choice.

u think its okay , it will be it.

u think it is not , it will be it too.

depends on how are you gonna take it.

what i observed from my surrounding and what i experienced , 

people always tell that some things are small matter , no big deal , 
but then , at last , they still wanna think and talk about it .
thats soooo confusing.

when you say it is okay , why do you need to make a fuss about it anymore ?

because ,my friends said that i finished my work without any hard feelings ,eventho i was busy like hell.(to say hell is a bit an exaggeration , but yeah  who cares? hahahaa )

when i got to think back , it wasnt that nothing went wrong or , annoyed me .there were times , really.
but then , i saw something good in that person , something that can be used for ,something that i can learn from. so , those mistakes like ..nehh. i dont think i need to take it seriously. Hence , when i get back after finishing my work , nothing mushy/emo stories came out from my mouth, and thats why my frens said i was okay :)

See ???

it's you. it's all about you . Its not how big or small the problem is but how u handle it .

So please stop making drama sisters.  Iloveyou and lets stay be peace forever :)  

Lets chillax !

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Omar Shafiq Suhaimi said...

soo0o0o tired of dramas