02 October 2011

My friends are the most beautiful people #2

This is Nurul Iman :

She had to make a very big decisions in her life . She got an offer at AUCMS in medical course .  After a very longg deepppp of thoughtsss . Finally she accepted it .

We as her friends can say no more but to feel very happy for her . Thats a course of her dream ! Go Imannnn go pursue your dreaaaaaamm ! ^0^ We will always support you Iman !

Even so it does means you have to change the university :') . Dont worry , eventho it wont gonna be the same without you here , our frenship will last forever ^^. Ameeenn .

And at Sunday , 2th October , not specifically but evening , she will go .......

p/s : feeling like to make a montage video :3


Wan Nurul Nadia said...

I am the sister of Iman..Congrats kakak :) We always support you!

max*bubble said...

Thx 4 reading adek iman :)