18 October 2011

It saddens me to see the level of humanity gradually degrading day after day.

The Case of Yue Yue: China's Dwindling Morality

Most of the things that I write here on this blog tend not to be serious. In fact, most of the things I write are either my rants or my randomness. Sure you can say I write sarcastically but that's probably a given. I write on this blog to make people laugh and to give everyone a smile to get through their day.

But today, I'm going to set aside all the fun and jokes and get down to writing on an issue I feel is so incredibly sick and disgusting and unbearably cruel it should not even be reported on the news. I'm serious. This is a piece of news which disgusts even the newsmakers. This is a piece of news which will shake the very foundation of your soul, because after reading it, you realize that there are people in this world who have hearts as black as tar.

I'm sure you have watched or at least read about the Chinese toddler, Yue Yue (悦悦) who was run over by a van, ignored by a line of pedestrians or motorists and then run over by a second van. Now, if you have not heard about this news, reread the previous sentence. Read it well and let the facts sink into your head. Here we have a kid who was run over by a van who drives away like nothing happened. Then we have the pedestrians who stand idly by and watch, just watch as the girl struggles in pain before she is run over by a second van.

Yue Yue's emergency operation
Here is the video of the entire incident. Please, I really would like you to only watch this if you can handle it. It's 4 minutes long, of which you will choked up and swearing in under 1 minute. Well, I did.

If you read that last paragraph, watched the video and you didn't immediately feel like grabbing those creatures up and just beating some sense into them, congratulations. You have no soul. You are a robotic soulless thing.

Look, I don't know what's wrong with China and I don't know what's wrong with those creatures who ignored a dying little girl. I cannot see them as humans. I can only see them as creatures more suitable in a level of hell. These things have hearts so black, for all I know, a level of hell is reserved for them. All I know is that they ignored a human being in trouble and now they have to be labeled as such. What they deserve is not ridicule; that would just be too nice to them. No, these things deserve a punishment way more severe.

18 creatures passed the little girl after the vans hit her. EIGHTEEN. In this world, there are EIGHTEEN creatures who not only blatantly ignored a dying girl lying in the middle of the street, but also decided to stop, look and walk on like it was a freaking day of window shopping.

That thing walking pastdeserves nothing but punishment all his life.

Again, I would like to confirm my observation that these EIGHTEEN things are not humans. Humans would know the meaning of pain and suffering and 'FREAKING VAN KNOCKED OVER A LITTLE GIRL WE HAVE TO HELP HER'.

In their defense, they said that they were afraid of prosecution from the government. You know what? Human beings don't give a damn about that. Human beings would see a girl knocked down by a van and IMMEDIATELY, not in a little while, not contemplating but IMMEDIATELY rush out to pull the girl out of the way while yelling for help. They wouldn't stop to think 'Hey, if I help this little girl, I would get prosecuted by the government. Better walk on.' So what about prosecution? Screw prosecution. A life is a life. I would rather spend my days in a prison knowing that I saved a girl's life rather than walk free in public with the guilt of seeing a girl dying right before my eyes, when she could have been saved.

But then again, why should we only focus on the heartless soulless creatures? We have to then focus on what made these creatures so reluctant to help a dying girl. Seriously, I still cannot imagine a society where you see a girl DYING and you just stand idly by. A society in which the van can knock over a little girl and then proceed to drive off. A society which can watch, their soulless eyes gleaming hollowly, and just watch as a little girl is writhing in pain. Possibly screaming for help. That is one society in which even the Devil would go 'What the hell guys?'

Oh, did I mention the mom looked like this when she saw her daughter dying?

I'm not accusing the Chinese government of anything here but this can be linked to the case where a man who tried to help an elderly woman after she fell over and was then promptly prosecuted because his intervention broke government rules on dealing with accident victims. Again, I'm not accusing the Chinese government of anything but when you make a rule out of helping people who actually need it, it kind of sends out the wrong message. See, it's pretty darn serious because a little girl died. An innocent little girl who could have been saved but was ultimately killed by negligence. You know what I call this? A lawsuit of global proportions.

But what is really messed up is that the person who finally came forward to pull Yue Yue to safety is a garbage collector.

A hero on all accounts.

And even as she screamed for help, no one came forward until the parents of the little girl were informed. Seriously, a garbage collector has more sense than an entire street of shopkeepers, shoppers and idiots. And there are reports that the lady who pulled Yue Yue to safety was apparently 'seeking fame'. Alright, so here's the deal. This heroine just did what any normal person would have done and she has to get flak from the public? She gets to be called nasty names and branded an attention seeker?

I'm sorry. Let me rephrase my previous statement. This is a society in which even the Devil would go, 'Please go find somewhere else. Hell has no place for insane things like you.'

I just had to write everything out just to feel better. I had (and still have) a list of vulgarities off the top of my head in which I had to suppress while writing this post. I'm throughly disgusted with how the Chinese people react to a human life. I'm not generalising but if the government doesn't do anything, China will end up as a immoral, lawless and ultimately inhumane country. There is only so much trade can do for you. What good is trade and economy when your morality is hovering in the negative zone? Nothing.

And to the EIGHTEEN creatures, I'm sorry for you. You are incapable of emotion, incapable of empathy, incapable of anything. And as such, I am incapable of forgiving you. The world knows who you are. Everyone knows who you are.

Seriously, with a little zooming in, your faces will be shining like Christmas lights.

I believe in justice and you idiots better be ready for justice's swift kick to your ass.

EDIT: Someone just gave me a link to this article, which explains why the Chinese are so afraid of prosecution. It sickens me to see how the Chinese government and the people think. Read it here:http://thelede.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/10/17/chinese-debate-aiding-strangers-after-toddlers-death/


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