30 October 2010


1. What color?
hitam, merah , hijau , pink
2. Who's the first person who comes up under the letter M?
Madam salina
3. Who's the last person you called?
4. Who was your last missed call from?
5. Who's the 2nd person who comes up under A?
Acap camera
6. Who's speed dial 2?
7. Who's the 3rd person who comes up under D?
8. Who was your last received call from?
Fafa ! :)
9. Who's speed dial number 4?:
10. What is your background?
aku di coffee b0x sri gombak

11. How many text messages are currently in your inbox?
tatahu la. tapi byk laa. hohoho
12. Who's speed dial #1:
none laa
13. What's the 5th message say in your inbox
haha. tu la kan. Funny. skype ? -sarafiqa
14. Who's the 1st person who comes up under B?
15. Who was your last text message from?
hanee !
16. Name every person you have text messages from?
ramai lah., engat aku kwn ng 2 3 org je ke =.=
17. Most texts?
sekarang bot in the mo0d of texting :|
18. Whos the 9th person on your missed calls?
eh tade la o.O"
19. What does the 10th message in your inbox?
"wei akak. sumbunk nye kau. x bertegursape ng aku skrg.haha weyh ko g kuantan ble ?- akmal
20. What is you ringtone?
Hello - Shinee

21. Who is the last name in your Phonebook?
22. Do you have a camera phone
Wajib !
23. Who is the last person under G?
eh tade la weh under g !
24. What does your first text message in your inbox say?
"kt lua dah"- inah
25. Who is the third person under K?:
Kak miza pepias
26. What kind of phone do you have?:
sony ericsson K530i

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Anonymous said...

macam kenalll, haha