26 October 2010


success is subjective,isnt it ?

a pro basketballer :
feels success if he could score 100 times and aim for MVP.
an amateur basketballer :
would feel success with only one time score and can be grateful just to be a part of the game.

however if

the pro player dont get the title, he will be damn sad,
but not for the amateur .
all the amateur cares about is a chance to score and he will be sad if he didnt.
because for both of them sad coz they think it is a Failure.

u might think to drive a car is success
while i say to ride a bike is a success to0.

so now, why d0es the different failure differs from one another ?
is it because the expectati0ns ?
expectation varies cause they know where they stand .
they know what they can afford of for the time being.
they know their strenght .
but to some people , or the spectators ,
either of them that cant achieve 100 scores is a Failure !

oh why ppl ? why u have to feel that way?
oh , hopes?
u dont kn0w what they had been through
u dont know what their expectations
u dont know what they did t0 come this far .
u just dont know.

maybe for u it is a failure,
but for s0me reas0ns
to s0me pe0ple.
that Failure will make them s0meone in the future.

Failure might means
*u screwed ! *
or *dissapointment*
it might also means
*find y0urself*
*this may not suit u*
*reflect reflect !*

failure to some ppl, but a chance to some other ppl .
failure is devastating arent there ?
it hurts, really .
so why cant u give a little support here?
instead of throwing ur disappointment.
past is past
but we can we make up for the future .

oh n yeah ,
failure is a pending success :)

focus more on desire to success
the worry to fail

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