26 July 2009

what's next?

i already passed my first challenge
now what?
this was the part where i fell apart,at times.
but this time i'm not going to make it happen again
i must rise!
yeah,maslin rise all you want!
don't fall into the same damn hole ever again.
i must know the catch.
due to my observations,
at this particular time,
your enemy is yourself.
the battle,and all is within you.
to fight and win this,
you yourself have to be strong!
be positive.
prior your time.
it is not the time for you to sit and just layback anymore.
officially,that time is over.
read my lips,'ITS OVER'.
now you know right.
no pain,no gain.
what you do ,it's what u get.
come on!
it is now or never.
but remember...
no matter how deep you fall,
never give up!
can you do me a lil' favor?
i had had enough of falling.
so,can we get up and win the race ?
emm,wil ya?
sure,will do.

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