03 February 2013

Trip to Singapore

Assalamualaikum :)

So , this holidays i have an improvement towards my activities . hewhew. i went travelling ! *fireworks*

This is all because when i was having my final examination , Mum Dad and Ani went melanconggg ! To Jakarta pulak tu ! Maigaadddd . Hahaha. Bikin jeles sama wa yang tgh nak exam ni haaa. Hahaha. and by that , this means , i am the ONLY ONE who havent gone out from this MALAYSIA ! Oh NOOOO !

Hahaha. Whats the big deal , kan ? Kikiki . Jeles lahhh T_T

Sooo , i have decided long before my finals ended that  I NEED TO GO ANYWHERE OUTSIDE MALAYSIA . and alhamdulillah , everything is like so easy . They gave permissions and Ayah even bring me to make the passport right away ! :') MasyaAllahh i cant even put into words how blessed i was at that time . Thankyou Allahh .

and The PLAN for the journey began . Did i tell you where i wanna go ? Oh Yes , SINGAPORE ! (USS actually hehehe ) and im going with Nurul Nabila , her Bf and her sister :))

I asked everyone who had been there ,( Zie , Shahmil ) and even searched any blogs . There are so many ways to go there  . By train , By bus or By car etc etc . We chose the car method . And here we gooo ....

1)  We drive from KL to JB  Sentral from 12am to 5am
2 ) Parked the car there , only RM12 for the whole day . (Showered at Surau heheehehe )
3) Passed the imigression , and take any bus to Woodlands.( imigresion Singapore)
4)  We took a train at Kranji towards Jurong East .
5) Changed the MRT towards Buona Vista , heading to Harbourfront
6)  At HarbourFrount , they will provide a special monorel to go to the USS :)

As i 'living the life ' as a Singaporean , i saw some of their habits that quite can be learnt .Like , the qeue for the train , and if you are not in rushing mode automatically youll be standing at the left on escalator . Its just a small thing , but Wow to me. Those thing cant just happened without a sense accountability . Yes , the first mind class. Ahaa not to mention that the country is also cleaaannn (compared to Malaysia ) Hee.

Back to USS !

We had so much fun ! The tickets are totally worth it . There are so much rides , shows and theatres ! Totally amusing ! Weee. We were there the whooleee daaaayyyy . Sampai lembik ! Balik hotel , tukar baju terus tido or should i say , pengsan ! Hahahahaha  . Teruk betul -.-. Pukul 5 terbangun dan semayang. Hehheehe :D

Alhamdulillahhh Ya Allah for this opportunity. Singapore , checked :)

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