16 February 2013

Lost interest

Salaam , i think i have lost my interest to write in this blog . MUehehehe.

Sometimes when an event occured , and i was late to update it , i will end up NOT updating it At all . Hua3

Malas terus haaa . Tak update sebab malas bukak laptop pun ada . Takde masa pun faktor juga . Hihi..

The latest update is in this sem , I didnt hold any post in SCIENCESS , evenso Bro Zack has assigned me and Paan to reinvent Wackos back to live ! Wooho . Its a trust and i am honored :)

Now , i am on my way in planning to give a new breath to Wackos , Recruitting some talents to form Wackos Team  :)

The thing bout the team is , i will be working with my own friend . I mean, clasmates , batchmates , Whichh.. i rarely do . Heee . There would be a big possibility for  conflict of interest to happen . Yknoww Like , mixing up the personal matters into works, take me for granted and etc .But ill take that as a challenge , yes ? Theres always a way to handle things . I cant really run forever , can i ? So wish me luck ! and hopefully ill manage to lead this team to success and may our bond grows stronger by understanding each other :)

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