07 August 2013

3 bulan dah ?!

Subhanallah ! MasyaAllahh !

Ramadhan is coming toward the ends . So is the practical . I would like to thank everyone and each of you who make me going through the 3months . All the ups and downs . The blood and sweats .
(padahal intern takhabes lagi zzz)

Sehubungan dengan itu , mari kita cek balik checklist kita untuk Ramadhan ini . Sejauh mana kita realisasikan apa yang kita dah azamkan .

Azam :
i. Pakai stokin 
- Alhamdulillah . Pergi intern pakai . Satu , sebab kaki allergic kene pakai kasut lab tu . Dua , nak pakai jalan is a struggle . Yes , a struggle . Selalu . Lupa T_T

ii. Better understanding of my parents.
-Many things happened , yes . Biasalah darah muda hahaha . Memang anak paling menjawab memang aku lah . But im trying to hold back and sabar and change . Teehheee .
- I met this one girl . She is one of my teammates . We talked bout things like this sometimes , because to me , she is a girl who have principles in life . People like this can benefit us , and you will like automatically trust them . Then she told me about : Learning to let go and Attachment .
- Attachment or Kebergantungan kepada Allah , is actually one thing we always forget in our daily life . Believe me , dearie . Sometimes we rely so much to His creation , hoping for our kindness or effort to be returned , that we relentlessly forgetting our Divine One . He is the Creator of the creation . He is the Almighty , The one who have power on every living things . He is the All-planner .
And with that in mind , we need to learn how to let go . Let go of the things that unnecessary to be carry on eventho we hurt so much inside and feel as if this world is cruel . Stick to the plan which is bring everyone in the family to the Jannh . Yeah , let go . Let it burn .

iii. Stop exploring unnecessary things on internet.
- This is fated  . One fine day , i kicked my laptop down to the floor  and it was damaged for about almost 1month now . Looking at the bright side , yeah its good . This somehow fulfill my 3rd mission . O Allah the Best Planner , eventho somehow it looked like a mishaps but actually it also benefit me in another way :')

iv.  Reading .
- Alhamdulillahh . Finished a book , and moving on to the next one  . But this one is sooo lembab the process . hahaha .

v. kawal nafsu dan jaga hati .
- I dont know if im putting my best effort to guard my nafs , but i denied every distraction and i think i kinda nailed it . Almost-Zero scandal . Muahahahaah . Alhamdulillahhh . That sounds good already to me :D

2 . Pastu bila tengok and scroll balik dari awal sampai akher ni , there are some people i want to give special thanks to . Because they kinda took care of me even from afar . And i'd be needing that . I just never thought i would. Kak Mira , Coach and KA . KA sebab she always helped me with all the directions of jalan (Newbies on the KL street wootwoot ! ) and patient enough to describe to me everything . Muahahah! Iknow sometimes i looked soooo dumb (sheez) but whatever , that is what a friend for . Showing your weakness to them believing they wont mock you back and belittle them :') The faith . Thankyou KA !

3. Farihin's family and my teammates are my best company along the journey . I had fun with them . I am glad i made the decision  to join Masum .They asked me like tak penat ke ulang alik ShahAlam -Gombak ? I questioned myself too. Well i guess thats what happen when you do something you like . Nothing can be compared to the joy of doing it . As long as you can do it  you are happy and you are not complaining . Teehee .

4. Now the point is , bulan Ramadhan nak pergi , tapi apa lagi amalan yang masih berbaki ? Dah cukup bekalan nak hadap Syaitanniraajim ni ? Perghhh . Dah nak akhir2 ni alhamdulillah ABC , tapi sedeh la jugak tak dpt nk beribadat lebih sikit . Masa macam terasa kosonnng jeww . hewhew .
Ya Allah , jangan lah kau palingkan hati2 kami setelah Kau bagi hidayah kepada kami . Terimalah amalan2 solat dan puasa kami . Jangan kau biarkan kami dengan nasib kami sendiri . Semoga keluarnya kami dari Ramadhan ni , hati kami rawan kembali dan teguh menghadapi realiti . Kau lah pemegang hati2 kami . Tetapkanlah hati kami . Sucikanlah dengan sifat2 Mahmudah dan husnuzzon . Tempat kanlah kami di kalangan orang2 beriman . Ameeeennn.

5. Lepas raya ,ada dalam 8 hari je training for Masum and 2weeks for practical habes . End of August is Masum . Masuk sem is 9 Sept . Perghhhh . Banyak pula keje nihaaa . Fokus practical nak A !!!! Focus Masum nak masuk next round !!! Moga2 lemak tak bertambah banyak sangat . Ya Allah berikaanlah aku kekuatan dan berkatilah usaha kamiii ! :)

Peri buat fitness sana hoiii !!!!

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Iqa Jalil said...

Busy woman, as always.. hehe..update cerita raya pula...btw, selamat hari raya, maaf zahir batin maslin..banyak plan kau, moga lancar semuanya..ameen ;)