14 May 2013


Oh hye ! Its May already .

Where the voucher is expired and the RapidKuantan is charged . Wuwuww. Hahaha

So what happened in May so far ?

1. PRU . My 1st time of electing my future government . And BN won . Once again . Alhamdulillah.

2.  Naek  je cuti , berlambak2 labreports and quizzes . Hua3 .

3. ECDC2013 . Im the PC with shai latep salmah n latep . Alhamdulillah it was a success (i guess) hee. I got so many new knowedges bout debating process and all . Thankyou shahrain for asking my help eventho i have nooooo idea whatsoever bout events like this . heee

4. Accident . Terbabas to be specific . Hua3 . Infrontof cafe . I was speeding like always when suddenly someone turned left without signal ! I was shocked, i pressed break and my tire is not in stable condition , so i slipped to the right . Hua3. Thank God Dr. Shogar was right behind me and offered me a ride to the clinic . I called kak mira . After the treatment , i went to her room because its nearer . Kak etty came n lepak sama. from 3- 9pm <3 .="" alhamdulillah="" hahaah.="" je="" kanan="" la="" nothing="" p="" pecahhh="" serious="" sidemirror="" so="" t_t="" was="">
5. My legs are wounded . So i cant walk properly , and my works felt postponed . I cant move much . I mean , move around with the bike lalala. Swimming test is this week or next week T_T . Less than 2 weeks for finals T_T .

Oh Allah , I actually can see why this happened to me . I have some questions bout my life , and i kinda find the answers thru this accident . All in all , please forgive me all my sins. Please forgive for all ignorancce and negligence . Hmmm. Show me the right path yaAlah . Iloveyou :')

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