23 September 2012

2 weeks of NO CLASSES

Assalamm people ! Howdyy  ? :)

Yes , you read it right . 2 tiring weeks of no classes and labs . ZzZzZ .

Please dont get me wrong people . Its not like we despise it or hate , but we all have 3months holidays already . And we have prepared  our mind to receive the new knowledge ! Teehee . Since we cant change it , seems we just have to use it to the fullest . Remember the hadith : Sabda Rasulullah SAW : "Ada dua nikmat yang kebanyakan manusia tertipu kerananya iaitu kesihatan dan masa lapang." [Al-Bukhari]

Yezzaaa ! 

So , Last week is the most excruciating since we have cuti from friday till Monday ! Weehoo . Lots and lotsss freee timeesss ! @.@   heee. Oh btw , im not going home because like i said , i had it enough for 3 monthssss youknoww. So , its time to workout ! Plus , Its tooo mainstream ;)

Jadi , kita gunakan that week to strengthen the bond . ehehhe :D

1. Id posted this before in this post :D

2. We went to Bukit Pelindung :)

With Mumu :)
Jyeah ! Thats the highlight la . Thankyouu Madam for asking us to tag along . Hihi . n I was glad Mumu wanted to go too :) . So , it really was a perfect early riser :D

This week :
 1. Settled the 3on3 thinggy

 2. Meeting with the stafffssss .

 3. GASS ( wednesday ) :)

Senior's sharing moment :)

at the back is the view of a Surau near Secret Recipe .
 iT was our first time .
The place is soooo luxurious ! :D
4. Had a looooooooonnnnnggggggg talk with Husna Mustafa , Tido after subuh , woke up at 1pm and then lunch with Kak Fiqa and Kak Fathiah .(missed IIUM selawat :( ) Then being spammed of 1D by Kak Fiqa -.- . At evening playing basketball with Kak Azri and Hajar . Weehoo ! :) There goess my Friday .

5 . Went to Talaqqi. Shakira Shukor ajak . My first time . Quite fascinating :') . After that being dragged by Kak Nik Atikah to Misuari' wedding . OMAGADD ! Segan siot  ! Then having dinner with my newlyformed Usrah member at Teluk Cempedak . Weeee. A day filled with 'Ilm . HIS 'Ilm . His Knowledge . Alhamdulillahh  :') . 

Part of the Talaqqi;s audience :')
Kak NIk Ashikin- the one that save me from keseganan melampau ! -.-"
All 4th year Biomed, then ada budak sesat pakai baju biruu -.-"

                  Oh and this is my kawan skolah rendah (left), kuasa Tuhan jumpa kat sini :)
                  And the another one (right) , one of the my friends that im grateful for :')  

Btw , IIUM now is promoting bout the Dr. Zakir Naik's talk to the public at Teluk cempedak  . So , we as the students need to spread the words by giving the pamphletes . Screw me . I am at my worst confidence level and i felt like at the lowest level of predator 's food pyramid now -.-" . Plus , i cant do that with the right mindset . I dont even know we are having this , and supposedly we are having usrah but then we were asked to do this . Soooooooo not cool - to me . Sorry . Heee .

6.  Tomorrow , we are goin to Pantai Pelindung agaaain ! InsyaAllah :) . Gonna meet kak An at noon , and probably going to her house at night . But , Alif Tan wanted to do meeting for BAsketball right ? < GULP !. 

Okeyy , thats itsss . Alhamdulillahh . i managed to get myself into something to do , rather than sitting down doing nothing. Well youknow , these are some of times that Shaytan whispered to you some bad influence. Like the saying , if you dont fill yourself with goodness , evil will take place. True story bro . Like seriously.

So , please please please dont let your time goes by , wasted by doing nothing or doing something that doesnt give good benefits to yourselfe. After all , its your choice. YOU choose :)

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