14 April 2010

u not gonna believe ur eyes

i wonder what a blog can do to one's life
apart of that profit-made-blog etc etc
i discovered the other side of blog that i wud never think of
in my previous post
i said something that make ppl think that i am a loner
a person that surrounded with care less ppl
but actually it's not
frankly speaking
i know i am not
just they are not being highlighted all this while
i have frens that care bout me
they are always there
it is not that i misunderstood them
it just
i never hope that they would take me seriously
cause when everytime i did
i would end up hurting myself when they act un accordingly
but this time is different
i have to admit
they do care bout me
oh thank you friends
eventhough you are all not in the same class with me
but your support is like one
and i do appreciate that
no word can describe it
i nearly cried till my heart burst
sayang la korang sume
i thought it doesnt matter
somehow, it does matter
beside my family
you are the second thing that holds me
yeah,pls do hold my back
do not let me go
i could lost

thanx ALLAH
thnx awak
thanx kamu
thanx dia

munirah norzaki

mmmuahhhxx !

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