23 September 2009


i' supossed to write this post in a dialogue form,
but i'm in the shortage of tym
so lemme be straight je la

cube bygkan.....
suddenly ade org msg korg ....
kalo yg msg tu mmbe ke,pkcek sdare ke,,atw mkcik kantin ke ,,leh tahan ag
ney,,,da la tah sesape...
pastu nk knl2 lak..
i know u guys already heard bout da same type of stories
n of course its lame
flow cte dye sme jek..
"aku-knl-ko-dr-kwn-aku-so-nk=knl=leh?" or "sy-suke-muke-awk-so-cn-we-meet?"
amboi2,,ko ingt aku sape nk sng2 je nk dikenali,,
tawla aku comel
in my case,i already got 2!
gosh,,muke aku neyh muke capap sgt ke smpai tah sape2 maw masuk line??
i wonder laaaa..huhu
here's my version:

(tym part "aku" je monolog dlmn;sbb xsmpai ati nk ckp so ckp dlm ati je ah:p)

guy: aku nk knl n kwn ng ko.aku jmpe ko 3 thun lpas,xkn ko xingt??

aku>>palehotak gle aku nk engt ko wtpe,,da la 3 thun....pehh...ko sape do

guy:aku dtg ng mmbe kakak ko la,,ko xengt ke ko ckp pe kt aku?

aku>>ha?? mmbe ? ahh,..asl lak nk engt ko,,mmbe akk aku tu tape la,,dye ensem doo..hee.da la ko lgsung xwjud lgsg dlm kotak ingtn aku to tak?

guy: (DIS IS DA BIGGEST PART) alaa,,,tp leh la kalo kte kawan jee...it wont hurt,aku minat gle 2 kat ko,siyes neyhh,.tolong la...

aku>>......mamt neh aku kang,,,grrr,,(**!&!^^@%)---sory,,juz to0 censored.^^

boy: blaja ktne?
aku>> ??pehal ttbe nk tnye aku blaja ktne pdhal xknl ko
boy: ohh,,aku knl ko dr kwn skola ko,dye men rgbi,aku nmpk ko kt majalah ****, hmm,leh la knl ehh
aku>>emm..xnk ah..
boy:pless...sy ikhlas ng awk,,,bg la sy pluang ,,,sy x maen2 neyhh,...
(i juz cnt cntinue writing wt his said ciz by da tym i finished,i maybe puke)


keyh,enuff of mine..

what we can see here is..
the way,and the word are all da sme..
i'm juzst wondering..
can u simply sayang dat one person..
with only looking at da pics and hearing some stories from sum1-who-knws-who dat kind of way?
can u?
i mean,,,u dont even know who da person is and your feeling towards him/her has already overwhelmed you.
cm xlogik gle!
we r not talking bout smthng dat cn be easily gain n then can be thrown out juz like that guys.
we r not taling bout thrash.
we r talking bout something dat is so pure dat no any ppl cn get to handle it properly
we r talking bout feelings.
of cours when i'm talking like this,i was referring to a feeling where u should channel it to someone who is legal to u,who deserves u---ur zaujah@ hbby/wife.
i may not da ryt person to say dis,,but,,yeah,,dats wt i felt.
i know sumtyms it cant be avoided,,
actually,u can control laa
jgn tpula...
suke xsmstinye kne approach
suke xsmstinye kne kawan
suke xsmstinye kne sdar kn org tu yg kte wjud,,

k back to the track,

da #1 guy is a mere experience that make da #2 boy is easier to handle
like the saying: experience is da best teacher in da world.
admit it!

snanye ,,
aku nk curse2 mamat2 2 ekor tu dlm blog neyh..
tp ttbe xjd lak..
xpe la,,,
bulan baek ,kene ah mulot baek..
br ati baek,,result final pon baekk,,^^
jgn xtw..
u might like me more when i'm cursing^-^

ohh lupe lakk..
both i reject...
sbb first, due2 da menggelikan aku dr awl..
and second,do u think that both of them goin to just let the relationship in 'fren only" status?
they will never stop trying guys,they NEVER WILL.
they say "frens only"..but their heart says:"xpe2,,nextym leh cube ag"
phewhh,,thinking of dat had already freaking me out...
i've had it enuff to be in suffocated situation,
when u want to breathe but u cant.
when u felt that u r in da middle of chaos n just cn get out of there (tersepit)
so.....b4 anythng worse happen,,,
i told them: just backoff!
haha,how co0l is dat:)

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