30 August 2009

that's what i chose

what is your purpose of living?
so much stuttering.

how long hv u been a muslim?
18 years?
so what the hell have u been doing for the whole time in this earth?

what will u do when those question were asked to u ,my dear readers?
hvnt that ring a bell?
well, it does,to me,
this camp had really open my eyes of whats the reason we were being created.
to worship Allah,to prosper this earth accordingly.
if not,there's no reason the MOst MErciful to give us live.
our responsbilities are so big that is why Allah created us eventhough the angels objected at first by saying:
"will u place therein one who will make mischiefand shed blood while we do celebrate your praises andglorify your holy name?
then ALLAH said:"i know waht u know not"
how great is that? Allah has put us a higher level than angels? who0a.
and surprisingly,if we really undersatnd our mission here,
there's nothing can stop us from attributing to Allah.
no words from our mouth will be spoken to express difficulties.
daie-does dat word familiar to u?
cute but hold a big meaning to each of us.
we all as a muslim is a daie.
so people,do your job!
go da'wah!
go show ur best attitude!
go pray and fullfill all the wajib !
go stop doing haram things!
go amar makruf and nahi mungkar!
this is said to my self to0:)
hopefully u all can feel what i feel.

xtvt berkayak.

nmpk rupe daa

tgh muhasabah la kunun,,
sape dpt cari ne aku!

makan pun mst smgt maa..hhaa

jumpe balek dyorg yg nilai mse iftar
jamaie faci:)

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