22 June 2009

stacy: rehearsel pon all out je.

.after presentation.

people said,learning process happened throughout ur life;it will never ended.unless u died.
so today,i learn my lessons.
in da morning,i had my chemistry class in da lab,we have to do an experiment-in pair.0ohh,,i hate that word.as i just get along with all my 'new frens',so i end up to be paired with this girl,F(bkn name sbnr).huhu,at da start,i was so annoyed with her.glabah,dominating,bossy n etcetera.but now,ttbe cm bersyukur lak...sbb she;s like a strict person. but me ,like yg ske men2,heehee,,(ne nk ngam "-_-).then ptg ney aku terkontang kanting wat lab repot sbb mlm nnt nk men bsket:D.kne la siap kn nk anta sok.so,dye kre pnylmat aku la drpd kecuaian,hahahahahha,,,,siap gtaw aku yg repot ney msuk cgpa,(how cn i do not noe dat???)
so,lesson #1: dun easily hate ppl..lalalal~~~

tadi gak aku ade kne wt presentation english..madam said sesje wt pns bdn nnt nk tggu yg original oral..
n my grupies are waayy highsprited than me.
in fact,,they all yg sdiekn sume bhn2 as our topic bout co0king.(uh-oh)
ahahaa...ala,,bhn gne kertas jee..
da la mse dyorg wat aku tade..huh
zc n kc jauh maa...
aku lak blek dr umah mlm smlm kul 8..
hbes kms brg..hisbah meeting lak..
aiyakk!!! terkandas aku di flo0r sndiri.
so0 jdnye 5 mnit b4 stat klaas aku di briefing oleh mreke tntg part aku.
alhamdulillah,,,intresting gak r..(sbb klas aku ktwe cm pch prot):)
thnx gle2 kt grupies aku..
ade hkmah nye aku satu grup ng dyorg nehh..hahaha
so,lesson #2: give all out in evrythng u do.or in other word "do da best!"


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