31 July 2015


Few things i learnt :

1. Kak zila taught me that just because you are quiet, doesnt mean you are okay with everything. Sometimes not everything you can tell to people

2. Syida taught me that eventho people around you are negative , that doesnt mean you should drag yourself into it altogether. You still can stay positive and cheerful as you always are.

3. Mimie taught me that even the softest person have a limit . And if anyone crossed the line , its okay to blow up. But tell them in a gentlest way.

4. Kak Hasni taught me that even if you are experienced, you gotta keep yourself low and humble. Your experience is not a ticket fr you to act bossy or cocky. and just because you dont see someone is doing something, doesnt mean they dont see it at all

5. Kak Aniz taught me that a manager needs to take care of her staff's welfare. Especially when they had worked hard to fulfill the company's need- no matter what position they are.

6. Faz taught me that just because they are family , doesnt mean they deserve the position of the job. Some jobs need experience from below to be held successfully.

But one thing im sure right now, is i need to move on from this ' keje main2  phase I need to start finding more stable job. Since Hamra is delayed to next year, so i have plenty of time to collect money ! Yayyy. Hahhahaa but this time , i have to find something that can stimulate my mind . Dealing with people are so tiring , to be honest . Over the years , i just realized that .Gahhhhh. I have to get back my cheeky personality also . Im too young to be bitter tho. Plus , this condition doesnt benefit me at all . This is MY LIFE. and im not a tree. if i dont like my condition right now , i should just MOVE . Hewhewhew.

However, for the time being, im trying to focus to be an amazing woman - finding way to contribute to my parents, less talking back and all. It's bout time , isnt it ? I should care more bout what i wear, as to look presentable. Enhance my cooking skills.Upgrade my mind with new knowledge. And most importantly , chasing my dreammmssss weeehuuu. Hahaha. I have to get out from this lame cycle . I need to break this pattern . I must to ! Seeing Kak Yana in her wedding dress yesterday gave me some sort of feeling. I have always been inspired by her. How can i not ? Haihhh. I wish that one day ill figure all of this out . Getting out from this tiring phase and live a brand new life. InsyaALlah. I hope whatever im dealing right now , would beneficial to me or anyone that i share it with . Hihih.

Till then, just pray for me. I need your duaas too, and you guys will have mine insyaAllah. Goodbye for now :)

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