08 March 2010

"click ! "

"Just because she makes fun of herself, doesn’t mean she’s completely comfortable with herself. Just because she walks alone to class, doesn’t mean she doesn’t have any friends. Just because people talk about her, doesn’t mean she likes it. Just because she laughs all the time, doesn’t make her annoying. Just because she gets a lot of attention, doesn’t mean she is an attention freak. Just because she gets things from her parents, doesn’t mean she is a spoiled brat. Just because she is a daydreamer, doesn’t mean she never pays attention. Just because she jokes around all the time, doesn’t mean she can’t be taken seriously. Just because she smiles all the time, doesn’t mean she’s happy. Just because she’s quiet sometimes, doesn’t mean she is sad. Just because she tries her hardest, doesn’t mean its gonna pay off. Just because she is called names for saying something dumb or being annoying, doesn’t mean she can keep taking it.

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